Colnbrook Lakes

Two lakes situated on one site. The first lake is a mixed fishery with a number of species that are present not only in large numbers but also of a good size. They can be caught on a variety of methods with all normal baits being effective throughout the season.

The second lake does not hold the same head of fish but those present are of a larger size. The main species in this lake are Carp but other species are present. Although containing a smaller head of fish large numbers are caught throughout the season.

Front Lake

Back Lake

River Colnbrook

This stretch of the river is about of a mile long and contains all the usual river species, but has in the past produced Carp up to double figures.

River Colnbrook

Hitcham Ponds

Three small mature farm ponds in Burnham, which contain a large head of fish of various species including Roach, Rudd, Tench, Crucian Carp. This is the type of fishery where you can catch a variety of fish where lack of large size is more then compensated by the large numbers caught, however the ponds have been known to produce the odd surprise larger fish on a number of occasions.

Square Pond

Round Pond

Richards Pond

River Thames

We have one stretch of the main river at Cliveden and we also have a backwater at Bray. The waters contain all the usual river species with Cliveden sometimes producing larger Roach while the backwater also produces the better fish especially during floods.

Bray (Backwater)


Wapseys Lake

The specimen reports we have received shows that this water has hidden potential. Now we have alternative parking for members those who make the effort may find the rewards are well worth it with a number of large fish being caught on a regular basis.

Jubilee River - (As members of the TVAA)

From Amerden Bridge downstream to M4 bridge.

This venue has been known to produce some very good catches of all species throughout the season now that it has become a more established water.


River Wey and Wey Navigation - (As members of the TVAA)

River Thames - Cookham - (As members of the TVAA)

Weirs Mill Stream - Oxford - (As members of the TVAA)

River Thames - Clewer Meadow - (As members of the TVAA)

River Thames - Dorney - (As members of the TVAA)

Jubilee River - Dorney / Eton Wick - (As members of the TVAA)

Roundmoor Ditch - Eton Wick - (As members of the TVAA)

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