Photo Gallery

Jim Clements with his PB Common Carp of 28lbs

James Trainer with a 14lb 8oz Common Carp

Jay Morten with his 3lb 8oz Crucian Carp


Selection from Season 2014 / 2015




Martin Bell with his 35lb 2 oz Common Carp caught on the Back Lake:

Mike Bromfield with a selection of fish from Colnbrook Back Lake:

Tench 8lb 4oz

White Tip Common Carp 22lb

Mirror Carp 25lb 10oz

Mirror Carp 26lb 4oz

Mirror Carp 27lb 5oz

Mirror Carp 28lb 7oz

Mirror Carp 28lb 8oz

Mirror Carp 28lb 9oz

A 14lb 8oz Pike caught by Ashley Howland at Stoke Place:

Bryn Dovey with a PB Crucian weighing 3lb 15oz caught on Colnbrook Front Lake:

Bryn Dovey with a 3lb 10oz Crucian from Colnbrook Front Lake:

Adrian George and his fine 8lb 8oz Tench caught at Stoke Place:

Brian Calveley with a 11lb Hitcham Square Pond Common:

Daniel Blackwell having won the Junior Fish O Mania Final with just over 20 kilo's:

Giles Armstrong showing his 3lb 13oz Carp caught at Hitcham Ponds:

Martin Bell and his 35lb 2oz Common Carp from the Back Lake:

Bryn Dovey with a brace of Front Lake Crucian Carp including a PB of 3lb 4oz:

3lb 4oz

3lb 2oz

Laurence Chambers with a fine 3lb 10oz Perch caught at Hitcham:

Daniel Blackwell with part of his recent Junior Shield (Rd.3) winning weight:

Thomas Coombes with his catch from the same match:

Dax Pritchard with the biggest fish caught at the same match - 5lb Carp:

Chris Berry with a PB Mirror Carp caught at 36lb 8oz on the Back Lake:

Luke Doherty with a selection of his recent Back Lake Carp:

28 lb Mirror Carp

23lb Common Carp

33lb 2oz Mirror Carp

18lb Mirror Carp

15lb Common Carp

Mike Bromfield with his 35lb 4oz Mirror Carp from the Back Lake:

Ruben Smith with a 15lb Front Lake Common:

Lol Spector with a fine 3lb Crucian Carp caught from the Front Lake:

Mike Frewin and his 25lb 8oz Back Lake Mirror:

A Bream of 11lb 2oz from Wapseys Lake caught by Ashley Howland:

Luke Doherty with 3 catches from the Back Lake:

34lb Mirror Carp

26lb Mirror Carp

19lb 4oz Mirror Carp

Mike Bromfield with his recent Back Lake Carp:

25lb 4oz Ghost Linear

31lb 4oz Mirror

28lb 4oz Mirror

25lb 4oz Upfront Linear

30lb 10oz Mirror

30lb 2oz Mirror

Daniel Blackwell with his Junior Shield (Rd.3) winning catch:

A 3lb 7oz Perch caught by Jeff Woodhouse at Hitcham:

Dominick Wallace with his 15lb Front Lake Mirror Carp:

Jack Eastwood with a fine 6lb 8oz Front Lake Tench:

Jack Eastwood with his latest Back Lake Carp:





Steve Darby showing a fine 2lb 6 oz Crucian Carp from the Front Lake:

Laurence Chambers holding a 7lb 1oz Tench caught at Stoke Place:

Junior Shield (Rd.1)

Daniel Blackwell - 25lb 4oz:

Ciara Boweren - 12lb:

Curtis Boweren - 11lb 2oz:

Brent Peake - 8lb 4oz:

Joe Gilliland - 8lb:

Michael Frewin and three Back Lake Mirror Carp:




Chris Thomasson with two Back Lake Mirror Carp:

20lb 7oz

28lb 9oz

Peter Cox with his Back Lake Carp:

12lb 6oz

22lb 6oz


13lb 13oz

Chris Thomasson with a selection of Back Lake Carp:


25lb 3oz

23lb 11oz


Steve Darby with a new PB Back Lake Mirror of 32lb 6oz:

Paul Colbran with a PB Perch of 3lb 1oz from Hitcham Ponds:

Chris Thomasson and a 22lb 3oz Back Lake Common:

Together with a 12lb 12oz Back Lake Common:

Peter Cox with his 14lb 6oz Back Lake Mirror Carp:

Aaron Sokhi and a 8lb 3oz Back Lake Pike:

Stephen Bowen with a 34lb 14oz Back Lake Mirror Carp:

And a 29lb 14oz Back Lake Ghost Carp:

Tony Martin with a Pike of 25lb 7oz caught from the Jubilee River:

Jack Eastwood showing his latest catches:

Carp 22lb Front Lake

Mirror Carp 22lb Back Lake

Carp 23lb 5oz Back Lake:

Carp 18lbs Back Lake:

Luke Doherty with two Front Lake Carp:

12lb 8oz


Steve Darby with a PB Back Lake Mirror Carp weighing 30lb:

Ashley Howland with his 3lb 12oz Hitcham caught Perch:

Daniel Blackwell with his winning net of Carp - Crucian - Tench from the Junior Shield (Rd.3)


Thomas Coombes with his net of Roach from the Junior Shield (Rd.3)

Connar Hadaway with two Back Lake Mirror Carp:

27lb 1oz

24lb 9oz

Colin and Ashley Howland with part of a Back Lake catch:

Luke Doherty with a PB 31lb 2oz Ghost Carp from the Back Lake:

Connar Hadaway with a 28lb 4oz Back Lake Mirror Carp:

Connar again with a 28lb 2oz Back Lake Mirror Carp:

Jonathan Pomroy with his 26lb 3oz Mirror Carp caught at Wapseys Lake:

Daniel Blackwell with his winning weight of 29lb 10oz at the Junior Shield (Round 2):

Brent Peake with 11lb 8oz for 3rd place:

Amelia Gilliland with a 5lb 2oz Carp being the largest fish caught during the match:

Connar Hadaway with a 28lb 12oz Mirror Carp from the Back Lake:

Jonathan Pomroy with a 28lb 3oz Back Lake Mirror Carp:

Ashley Howland with a pair of nice Carp from the Back Lake:

Maurice Whalley with a 15lb Back Lake Bream:

Maurice Whalley holding a 24lb Back Lake Common:

Ashley Howland with a fine 34lb 6oz Back Lake Mirror:

Ashley Howland holding a 17lb 4oz Carp caught at Stoke Place:

Ashley Howland with a 17lb Front Lake Carp:

Colin Howland with a Carp of 35lb 7oz from the Back Lake:

Jonathan Pomroy with a 7lb 5oz Wild Carp caught at Hitcham:

Daniel Blackwell holding a 11lb 2oz Bream caught at Stoke Place:

Jonathan Pomroy with a 22lb 8oz Mirror Carp caught on a recent trip to Colnbrook Back Lake:

Chris Warren with a 33lb 5oz Common Carp caught from Wapseys Lake:

Two Carp caught by Darren Kent during a recent session at Colnbrook. Both caught on floating crust:

15 lb 11 oz

15 lb 12 oz


Giles Armstrong with his Carp caught during the recent Junior Match:

5 lb 8 oz


Crucian Carp caught by Brynn Dovey at Colnbrook Front Lake:

2lb 3oz

3lb 0oz


Jack Theobald showing the grown-ups how to catch fish on his recent holiday in North Carolina:


Giles Armstrong with a 3 lb 7 oz Carp the biggest fish caught in the first match of the Junior Match series.


Brent Peake with the biggest Tench caught in the Junior Match at 3 lb 6 oz.


Picture Diary of the 2006 / 2007 season - Jason Manicolo and Chris Warren


Jason Manicolo with a "Front Lake Flyer"

Chris Warren - Front Lake Double

Nice Chub from the River Colnbrook

Bream - 10 lb 1 oz - River Colnbrook

Jason with another "Front Lake Flyer"

Tench - 7 lb - Front Lake

Back Lake beauty - 22 lb 5 oz


27 lb "Bad Boy"

Chub - 5 lb - River Colnbrook

Chris with a 15 lb "croc" - Jubilee River

Colnbrook Front Lake

Colnbrook Back Lake



John Andrew with a nice Mirror Carp from the Front Lake

Paul Carpenter with a 6lb 4oz Tench from Stoke Place

Jason Manicolo holding a 26lb Common Carp

Mirror Carp - 32lb

Chris Poole with his first ever Pike of 16lb 3oz caught at Stoke Place

Chris Warren holding a 32lb Mirror Carp - 30lb Mirror Carp - 34lb Common Carp - 26lb Common/Ghost Carp all caught from Wapseys Lake

Jack Woodhouse with a personal best Linear Carp of 15lb from Colnbrook Front Lake